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In Market vs. For Company

The New Millennial Tradition of Non-Traditional Jobs

When I was growing up, ‘the workforce’ seemed like a great machine, an infinite collection of gears, springs and balance-wheels, working in sync to keep the pace of the world. It was a nice image, and still is, if you think about it, but it’s a picture where the whole is beautiful, but the roles of the small, individual parts aren’t glamorous or exciting, merely procedural. When I was a kid, entering the workforce meant becoming a cog, an important functionary of a larger machine, but not as an individual – a cog can always be replaced, manufactured and engineered. Continue reading In Market vs. For Company

The 561 Most Vibrant Pictures on the Internet

The picture is the more immediate headline. Visuals hit the audience right away, before they even have time to process the who, when, why and meaning of any words. Repeatedly, in marketing consulting meetings I emphasize the role of imaginary in our social feeds. In a ‘failed app’ of a past life (MapShot!), I curated a list of pictures to showcase the value of categorizing remarkable pictures by location. For everything has a time and a place.  And so, from archives of failures, I now present to you, The 563 Most Vibrant Pictures on the Internet (and their less enticing headlines by yours truly).  Just browse or hit ‘control+F’ to search for a keyword of the picture you are looking for.
Continue reading The 561 Most Vibrant Pictures on the Internet