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A Greater Story Ahead: Leaving SmartRecruiters

I left a great job at a high growth startup (SmartRecruiters) and am embarking on a new journey. The reality is, great marketing tells a cohesive story through the highs and the lows (here’s the recruitment content directory). If you think your company is going to be huge, I’m the guy to kick start your inbound marketing efforts. David Smooke SmartRecruiters

In person, I told my master plan to as many of my colleagues as possible but there comes a time to announce to the whole company, ‘What’s next?’ Screenshot:Art of Status Update

On the following Monday, our new product manager Roy approached my desk with his bike lock, looped my arm and said, “You’re not going anywhere. You’re here to stay.” And that 10% of me thought, ‘These guys rock, I am making a serious mistake…’

But that’s life; our risk is our reward.

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